Very Good Morning Kobani

Good Morning Kobani
Only last night in the heart of England,
Fireworks lit the skies of London,
Where the Big Ben stood and watched.

Only last night ,
just steps away from London’s eye,
a homeless man lay,
losing his will to stay.

Good morning Kobani,
How was it for you last night?
Are your beautiful girls still in combat?
Are your young men still fighting day and night?
Are the children still being fed by mothers in shelters?

Very good morning Kobani
Are you still holding your burials-
With your dancing and music?
Are you still the symbol of humanity and liberty?

Good morning Kobani,
There were fireworks last night,
As the frozen man passed away- out of sight,
His dog stared into his lifeless eyes,
embraced his scent and said his goodbyes.


شاعر، نویسنده

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